Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Finals... a given???

Literally Giants against stunties (and some giants)

Again the bookies were strongly backing the pact... With their massive wage bill could they really afford to lose??

But... favourites are there to be beaten, were we to witness a classic David and Goliath moment...

Apparantly we were!!! Once again our lead correspondent Kinnemonster reports...

Tinys 'n' Titans
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 1

Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 4

TV Difference: 480,000

With the Ogres winning the toss, the first half was characterised by a distinct inability to get the ball moving anywhere as both teams failed to capitalise on mistakes made by the other. With the ball still deep in Ogre territory at the end of the half it was a last ditch scramble to prevent the G.I.M.P.S. from breaking through to take the lead.

The second half began with an outrageous kick that ended up on the line of scrimmage, right by the touchline. This left the Marauder team dangerously spread out and it was a struggle to protect the ball carrier. Ogres thudded into the human cage as the ball was carefully moved to the lightning fast Dark Elf in the centre ready for an attacking drive. At that moment a lightning bolt flew from the sky and frazzled her on the spot...the ball was loose.

Snotlings poured through a gap in the line to protect Midget Ure, who'd grabbed the ball and run as if his life depended on it (it did) towards the end zone. Only one Marauder had any chance of stopping him - he dodged away from his Ogre marker but his blitz failed and Ure was pushed closer to the end zone and was able to skip away to take the lead.

With only three turns remaining, the G.I.M.P.S. needed to move the ball quickly, and their Goblin was brought on as a last ditch option. Out of rerolls, the Titans went once again for last ditch defending, including their celebrated snotling line defence tactic, ' you can only kill one of us'. Forced to take a dangerous route through the defence the Dark Elf (not living up to her billing in this game) tripped and fell ending all hopes of victory for the G.I.M.P.S. for a second season.

The Snotlings made an outrageous attempt to add to the score, moving the ball to within sprinting distance of the end zone with only on turn to go. Determined to avoid humiliation, the last Marauder flattened the little pipsqueak properly this time.

The game was over and the least fancied side in the league (okay, maybe that was the Cream Cake Snackers) had taken the title against all the odds.

The Semi's... The dream continues

The semi final draw threw up 2 interesting ties... The unbeaten Slaanesh 69ers against the rank outsiders the Tinys n' titans Whilst the pro GIMPS with their line up of beasts and men along with... well just some men.

The extra power saw the Humans defeated and the pact comfortably through

Semi final result:

Winner: GIMPS
Coach: Tom

Loser: Rottenham Redsox
Coach: Aneurin


A fun close game saw the GIMPS kick off first. The Redsox made some good positional moves to get several key players deep into the GIMPS half. Turn 2 saw their mercenary Ogre KO'd but they continued to push forward. It was down to Handy Powell the Redsox star thrower to pass the ball to a waiting receiver in turn 5. His recent form is terrible and he yet again threw an inaccurate pass (I needed a 3+ with a re-roll). This allowed the GIMPS agility 5 elf to capitalise on the situation and run the ball into the endzone over the 3 remaining turns of the half. 1-0. In their dumbfounded stupor the Redsox failed to utilise the wizard hidden in the crowd. 

2nd half saw the GIMPS start a cage to push into the Redsox half. This time the coach did use the wizard at his disposal to cripple the advance. The fireball levelled 4 players, only the Minotaur could stand the heat. The Refsox blitzers and catcher regained the ball and ran deep into the GIMPS half. But with 3 big guys just generally hanging around causing problems the Redsox failed to capitalise on thierry position to score the equaliser. 

The second game would surely go to form?!

Wayne Poppletummy reports

Tiny's 'N Titans
Touchdowns scored: 2
Casualties inflicted: 0

Slaanesh 69'ers
Touchdowns scored: 1
Casualties inflicted: 4

The curse is broken! Slaanesh obviously got bored of his playthings as the 69'ers finally failed to do much. Their anger was released midway through the second half and took out two Ogres (one of who will be missing the final) but the Titans had the lions share of the luck. The 69'ers took the lead early on in the first half then one the Titans' Snotlings broke through to equalise on the stroke of half time. With the introduction of a hired wizard, the Titans managed to then take the lead and grind out the result for the adulation of the entire club (probably)

The third place playoff occurred in a behind closed doors match... presumably due to fear of reprisals from the god of Slaanesh the game finished...

Slaanesh 69'ers
Touchdowns scored: 2
Casualties inflicted: 4

Rottenham Red Sox
Touchdowns scored: 0
Casualties inflicted: 2

The Playoff quarter finals... in a nutshell

They were cracking and most interestingly of all certainly didn't follow the form book.

Having said that 3 games in the quarters were unsurprisingly tight but finished with the league winners and pro team battling their way through

Slaanesh 69'ers
Touchdowns scored: 2
Casualties inflicted: 3

Rock Bottom Wanderers
Touchdowns scored: 1
Casualties inflicted: 1

Winner: Rottenham Redsox
Coach: Aneurin
TDs: 3
Cas: 3

Loser: Northland Raiders
Coach: MattL
TDs: 2
Cas: 2

Winner: G.I.M.P.S
Coach: Tom
TDs: 2
Cas: 5

Loser: All great fun...
Coach: Bill
TDs: 1
Cas: 1

However the final game threw a spanner in the works and lost many an old world booky his weekly take!!!

Tinys 'n' Titans
Touchdowns 2
Casualties 4

Pigsturd Stealers
Touchdowns 1
Casualties 7
Our man reporting the game was Keyron Kinnemonster
The first half was characterised by a typically bruising downfield slog from the Orcs. Twice, the Titans managed to prize the ball from green hands but neither time were they able to capitalise and get the ball themselves. Relentless mobbing of the Ogres and lone mugging of the Snotlings kept the Titans on the back foot. With only one snotling left on the pitch, the Stealers powered into the end zone, giving the Titans no time to respond.

The second half was much the same, except in the other direction. The Ogres channelled a Snotling down the touchline towards the Orc end. Stalwart defence from the Stealers seemed to slow and then finally halt the Titans and at the last gasp the only way through to the end zone. With seconds remaining Giant Wheatsheaves, grabbed the ball carrier and lobbed him over the Orc line, the Snotling landed and the the scores were even!

With both teams tired and exhausted extra time began. Play was filled with a catalogue of errors. The Orcs received the ball and it looked like they were going score and easy decided as all the Ogres were either knocked flat or failed Bonehead rolls. As the Orc thrower burst through towards the end zone, a last ditch blitz from an Ogre (who had to dodge to get there) knocked the ball flying.

A series of failed pick ups, passes and other miscellaneous ball handling errors saw the ball bounce all the way back to deep in the Orc half. With the Ogre's strength beginning to tell and Orcs leaving the field in various states of disrepair (including one sent off for failing to foul a snotling), a Snotling finally managed to grab the ball and leg it to the end zone. He just needed to sprint to win...he fell on the line, th ball went out and was thrown back in up near the half way line again. The Orcs were back in it.

However, although one of the Blitzers was able to get the ball, the re were now too few Orcs to defend it, and an Ogre blitz later and the ball was free again, scattering down towards the Orc end zone. This time there would be no messing. The Notorious S.M.A.L.L. grabbed the ball under the nose of an Orc blitzer, skipped past him, and (after a heartstopping dice roll) sprinted into the end zone to seal it.

28 turns of end to end stuff resulted in the best game I've ever played (narrowly beating the riot-extended 7-4 score-fest I played against JP a couple of years ago). The two teams were really evenly matched (only a TV difference of 50,000) and I feel we lived up to the 'tie-of-the-quarters) billing.

Next stop, Wayne and the 69ers. Every game Wayne and I have played has been 1-0 and settled by a last turn touchdown, so I expect this to be close (despite my underdog status). However, this time, I have a cunning plan.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


So time is up for the league stage of this years BB games. Plenty of games have occured and thanks to everyone for their patience and participation.

Wayne had two teams elligable for the play-offs and has elected to take his Chaos through from the Sheffield league. This leaves a space in the play-offs and as Aneurin is already in with the humans the next 'eligable' team in Battenburg rising. However, due to them being rubbish I have instead put through the next highest points scoring team from any of the leagues who will have the unenviable task of taking on the Chaos Pact!!!

Play-off quarter-finals:

Rottenham Redsox vs Northland Raiders

Pigsturd Stealers vs Tinys n' Titans

Slaanesh 69ers vs Rock Bottom Wanderers

G.I.M.P.S. vs All Good Fun till Someone Loses an Eye



Final League Standings

Saturday, 30 April 2011

League Leaders Front Up... Chaos Win... CHAOS WIN!!!

In what could well be a repeat of the Playoff finals the notable match up of Rotherham League Leaders Rottenham Redsox fronted up to the Maximum Point Machine that is the Slaanesh 69ers...

"started so well for the sox, turn 1, action 1 saw a rookie lineman kill a beastman on the line of scrimage. But after all their tough talk they couldn't win. The stress of recent wins took it out on Handy Powell the star thrower as he tripped on a shoe lace and cost the sox their first TD- handing the ball to the 69ers. The powerhouse that is the 69ers came back with avengance winning 2-0"

Other notable teams include the Pigsturd Steelers and the Tiny's n' Titans who now both look sure to make the playoffs.

In the "pro" Leagues Cheeky Vimto have been "disbanded" after their coach fled the country fearing for his life after four straight defeats, an emergency meeting came to the conclusion that though they would happily rip former coach Evil Trevs unmentionables off should they find him the team were equally responsible and were executed in typical Dark Elf fashion. Rumours of a similar result for Battenburg Rising are rife, only their Werewolves are likely to survive the chop as there only saleable assets!

Friday, 8 April 2011

The pace setters aren't being caught!

Thats right those teams who started well have failed to be reeled in by the pack as both Rokkie divisions are developing in to certs for the top two positions. Rotherham in particular looks like a forgone conclusion. Only a lte run of games from the Norse or Nurgle will catch the top three.

Meanwhile Sheffield is looking a little more open though the two Chaos teams are in Strong playoff positions.

Has an impressive EIGHT casualties suffered by the Snotlings put paid to their dreams of a playoff spot.

First two teams to finish their quota of games
Rock Bottom Wanderers in Rotherham, currently third
Cream Cake Snackers in Sheffield, currently fourth

Friday, 25 March 2011

More Games, More Guts, More Glory

In a flurry of Blood Bowl activity the Pro league has really got going and its developed into an interesting group with the Hollin Busk Horror, Underdogs by Team Value alone, setting the pace!
Cheeky Vimto on the other hand have emerged as the league whipping boys/girls (every league has to have one) and have managed to play themselves out of contention despite topping the Team Value Rankings!

In the rookie leagues there have been few shocks with the form teams continuing to roll over all comers. The Pigsturd Stealers and Rottenham Red Sox in the Rotherham Group and the Two Chaos teams in Sheffield, only the comparative wild card of the Tinys 'n Titans look like upsetting the odds!

REMEMBER: Top three in each rookie league progress, with a play-off for the top two in the Pro Group.

All to play for, five weeks remain!!!

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