Friday, 25 March 2011

More Games, More Guts, More Glory

In a flurry of Blood Bowl activity the Pro league has really got going and its developed into an interesting group with the Hollin Busk Horror, Underdogs by Team Value alone, setting the pace!
Cheeky Vimto on the other hand have emerged as the league whipping boys/girls (every league has to have one) and have managed to play themselves out of contention despite topping the Team Value Rankings!

In the rookie leagues there have been few shocks with the form teams continuing to roll over all comers. The Pigsturd Stealers and Rottenham Red Sox in the Rotherham Group and the Two Chaos teams in Sheffield, only the comparative wild card of the Tinys 'n Titans look like upsetting the odds!

REMEMBER: Top three in each rookie league progress, with a play-off for the top two in the Pro Group.

All to play for, five weeks remain!!!

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