Saturday, 30 April 2011

League Leaders Front Up... Chaos Win... CHAOS WIN!!!

In what could well be a repeat of the Playoff finals the notable match up of Rotherham League Leaders Rottenham Redsox fronted up to the Maximum Point Machine that is the Slaanesh 69ers...

"started so well for the sox, turn 1, action 1 saw a rookie lineman kill a beastman on the line of scrimage. But after all their tough talk they couldn't win. The stress of recent wins took it out on Handy Powell the star thrower as he tripped on a shoe lace and cost the sox their first TD- handing the ball to the 69ers. The powerhouse that is the 69ers came back with avengance winning 2-0"

Other notable teams include the Pigsturd Steelers and the Tiny's n' Titans who now both look sure to make the playoffs.

In the "pro" Leagues Cheeky Vimto have been "disbanded" after their coach fled the country fearing for his life after four straight defeats, an emergency meeting came to the conclusion that though they would happily rip former coach Evil Trevs unmentionables off should they find him the team were equally responsible and were executed in typical Dark Elf fashion. Rumours of a similar result for Battenburg Rising are rife, only their Werewolves are likely to survive the chop as there only saleable assets!

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