Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Playoff quarter finals... in a nutshell

They were cracking and most interestingly of all certainly didn't follow the form book.

Having said that 3 games in the quarters were unsurprisingly tight but finished with the league winners and pro team battling their way through

Slaanesh 69'ers
Touchdowns scored: 2
Casualties inflicted: 3

Rock Bottom Wanderers
Touchdowns scored: 1
Casualties inflicted: 1

Winner: Rottenham Redsox
Coach: Aneurin
TDs: 3
Cas: 3

Loser: Northland Raiders
Coach: MattL
TDs: 2
Cas: 2

Winner: G.I.M.P.S
Coach: Tom
TDs: 2
Cas: 5

Loser: All great fun...
Coach: Bill
TDs: 1
Cas: 1

However the final game threw a spanner in the works and lost many an old world booky his weekly take!!!

Tinys 'n' Titans
Touchdowns 2
Casualties 4

Pigsturd Stealers
Touchdowns 1
Casualties 7
Our man reporting the game was Keyron Kinnemonster
The first half was characterised by a typically bruising downfield slog from the Orcs. Twice, the Titans managed to prize the ball from green hands but neither time were they able to capitalise and get the ball themselves. Relentless mobbing of the Ogres and lone mugging of the Snotlings kept the Titans on the back foot. With only one snotling left on the pitch, the Stealers powered into the end zone, giving the Titans no time to respond.

The second half was much the same, except in the other direction. The Ogres channelled a Snotling down the touchline towards the Orc end. Stalwart defence from the Stealers seemed to slow and then finally halt the Titans and at the last gasp the only way through to the end zone. With seconds remaining Giant Wheatsheaves, grabbed the ball carrier and lobbed him over the Orc line, the Snotling landed and the the scores were even!

With both teams tired and exhausted extra time began. Play was filled with a catalogue of errors. The Orcs received the ball and it looked like they were going score and easy decided as all the Ogres were either knocked flat or failed Bonehead rolls. As the Orc thrower burst through towards the end zone, a last ditch blitz from an Ogre (who had to dodge to get there) knocked the ball flying.

A series of failed pick ups, passes and other miscellaneous ball handling errors saw the ball bounce all the way back to deep in the Orc half. With the Ogre's strength beginning to tell and Orcs leaving the field in various states of disrepair (including one sent off for failing to foul a snotling), a Snotling finally managed to grab the ball and leg it to the end zone. He just needed to sprint to win...he fell on the line, th ball went out and was thrown back in up near the half way line again. The Orcs were back in it.

However, although one of the Blitzers was able to get the ball, the re were now too few Orcs to defend it, and an Ogre blitz later and the ball was free again, scattering down towards the Orc end zone. This time there would be no messing. The Notorious S.M.A.L.L. grabbed the ball under the nose of an Orc blitzer, skipped past him, and (after a heartstopping dice roll) sprinted into the end zone to seal it.

28 turns of end to end stuff resulted in the best game I've ever played (narrowly beating the riot-extended 7-4 score-fest I played against JP a couple of years ago). The two teams were really evenly matched (only a TV difference of 50,000) and I feel we lived up to the 'tie-of-the-quarters) billing.

Next stop, Wayne and the 69ers. Every game Wayne and I have played has been 1-0 and settled by a last turn touchdown, so I expect this to be close (despite my underdog status). However, this time, I have a cunning plan.

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