Monday, 7 March 2011

Commissioner in League Update Shocker!

The fans have been baying for his blood and the BBFA have been considering his position but after great feats of procrastination and excuse making it appears as though the league commissioner has pulled his finger out and got things sorted.
Claims he had been abducted by representatives of O.R.I.B.L.E. (the Orcs Really Irate Bloodbowl League Elective) have been denied by league chiefs but the evidence certainly seem to point to such an incident as the number of Orc teams allowed have surpassed league rules with no action being taken. The commissioner was also reported by one eye witness as to have been "walking like John Wayne."

So a month into the season and a chance to have a first look at the first (official) league tables! Other versions have been produced on illegal websites but the BBFA have begun proceedings against their producers. A snotling by the name of 001 and a human resembling a member of Def Leopard are believed to have been involved.

Last weekend witnessed the first "Super Sunday" event of the season. Rupert Murdoch selling the writes for the name to the BBFA along with a new commentary team. the commentators, however, have since been removed from their posts by mutual consent after an incident regarding lewd remarks toward one of the members of the dwarfish camera girls!

Due to licensing laws no official reporters were able to attend the event meaning that there is no report, but some bloke down the pub mentioned it and apparently loads of teams played and at least one chap popped his clogs!


Most Violent: Slanesh 69ers - 14 Casualties Caused
Most Prolific: Slanesh 69ers - 7 Touch Downs Scored
Worst Defence: All Good Fun till someone loses an eye! - 10 Touchdown conceeded
Squishy!: All Good Fun till someone loses an eye! - 16 Casualties suffered
Most Prolific league - Sheffield
Most Violent league - Sheffield

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