Friday, 5 November 2010

Start Date Febuary 3rd 2011

G.I.M.P.S. BB league 2011

Group Games To Take Place Between Thursday February 3rd and Thursday May 19th. (16 Weeks)
Playoffs and Finals to take place (provisionally) on Sunday May 29th
Expect at least one other Sunday during the 16 week period to give further opportunity for games!

2 Rookie Groups (Min 5 - Max 8 ) 1 Pro Group (Min 3 - Max 5)

Rookie league setup: Teams play their first 4 matches against teams in the SAME group then following 4 matches from teams in EITHER ROOKIE group (leading to a maximum of 8 games). Teams don’t have to play 8 games but this is the maximum.

Rookie group qualification: First, second and third qualify from Rookie groups and enter a playoff to reach semi-finals (a minimum of 4 games must have been played to reach playoffs). FIRST will play THIRD in the opposite group, SECOND place will play each other. 3 victorious teams will enter the semi-final stage.

Pro league setup: Teams play each other team in group ONCE (if a group of 3 then twice)Teams don’t have to play 4 games but this is the maximum.

Pro league qualification: First and Second place will play off for a place in the semi-finals.

Semi-final stage: Will consist of THREE Rookie teams and ONE Pro team, games will be randomly decided by a game of spin the bottle!

Final: Two remaining teams will play to determine champion!

Further rules:

Players may enter TWO teams but only one Rookie team and one Pro team. However entering of a second team will only take place after everyone wishing to enter has made their first choice of league and race. If you do want to enter two teams there is a risk you will be unable to do so, so you need to decide on your preference before entering. Teams and leagues will be allocated in a random draw of names, repeated for those who want a second team.

A maximum of 3 teams of each race are allowed in the Rookie league. When allocating teams to a Rookie group every effort will be made to separate races, distributing one to each group.

Rookie teams can spend 1 million GC’s on teams and start with a free fan factor of 5. Rookie teams also start with 50,000 GC’s in the coffers AFTER their first game, a bonus from the league sponsors!

All Pro teams fan factors will be reduced to 5, adjust value accordingly.

Group League points will be allocated as follows, 4 for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

Inducements can be used, using the latest set of Blood Bowl LRB.

Teams that are entering should be painted, min 3 colours, plus based, Unpainted teams will score half points.

Games do not have to be played at the club, as long as results are listed on the forum within the time period.
Note: Rookie teams will have played up to 9 games before having to play a PRO team who will have, at most, played 5. There will still be a difference but hopefully at this stage it won’t be too drastic!

The league has been designed to work with a minimum of 13 entrants (3 pro and 10 Rookie) and a maximum of 21 (5 Pro, 16 Rookie), this is due to the amount of interest shown on the forum. Should there be more entrants than spaces then space will be opened on a ratio of 2 Rookie group spaces then 1 Pro group space and so on infinitum.

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